Author: Rebecca Campbell

Revitalization of Baltimore

Getting to witness firsthand the transformation that downtown Baltimore has been undergoing has been both refreshing and motivating. CK Commercial is excited to have earned the opportunity to complete some of the renovations within the 25 S Charles building. Witnessing the revitalization of the community and the sense of pride community members are feeling for the place they call home is awesome to be on the forefront for.

October 05,2018
Simplifying the Process, Executing the Vision.

CK Commercial thrives on successfully delivering complex and challenging projects. Our approach is founded on transparency and accountability. The CK team takes the initiative to roll up our sleeves and proactively come up with solutions to potential challenges.  We believe in taking the initiative to make sure that everything is completed correctly the first time and if it isn’t, we make it right for our client.  Executing the client’s vision by simplifying the process through proactive problem solving, is CK Commercial’s ultimate goal.

September 14,2018
CK continues personal approach to construction with new team members

CK Commercial is happy to announce that through the hard work of our current team, the project opportunities that we have been given throughout this calendar year have afforded us the ability to expand the CK family.  In an effort to continue providing high-quality projects and exceeding client expectations, CK will continue to recruit and hire team members that embody our shared vision of adaptability, passion and commitment to this ever-changing industry. Our goal is and will always be to deliver projects that hold true to our client’s requirements through a personal approach with a focus on attention to detail and proactive scheduling.

August 31,2018
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