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March 02,2018

CK Commercial is wrapping up our internal “step challenge” where we challenged our team members to amass as many steps as they could in a day for the entire month of February. The team was informed that any team member who accumulated over 350,000 steps for the month of February, would earn an additional day off and the team member who accumulated the most steps would be rewarded with two additional days off and a $200  gift card to a spa of their choosing. The second place finisher would also be rewarded with a $100 gift card to a spa of their choosing and an additional day off.

Overall, the CK team accumulated over 3.4 million steps and averaged over 11,000 steps per day per team member. The goal was to break the monotony of sitting at a desk all day and to add a little friendly competition to our daily lives all the while improving our health.  What was really cool to hear was our team members being so thankful for the competition and the push to stay active and moving.

If there are any other companies/teams who want to challenge us, let us know.. we would love a free happy hour! 🙂