About Us



Founded on a passion for construction and unparalleled personal client service, CK Commercial is a progressive construction services firm focused on providing clients with a high level of oversight on each project. Our team is made up of construction professionals who are passionate about building projects and relationships.

With a proven track record in the commercial construction industry, CK Commercial specializes in providing construction services for Public, Private and Non-Profit clients. We know that the true key to success is engaging the team throughout the entire construction process by building a partnership with each client.


CK Commercial’s approach to construction starts internally with our culture and values. We believe in teamwork, open communication and complete transparency on each project. Our passion defines us and drives us to keep raising the bar past the standard in the construction industry.

We want to keep it simple and redefine the construction experience for our clients and partners through a collaborative approach that focuses on executing the client’s vision on each project. At the core of this collaborative approach is keeping our team and subcontractor partners accountable and working together to successfully complete each project. This personal approach serves as the foundation for each project that CK Commercial completes. Simplifying the process and executing the client’s vision on each project is CK Commercial’s ultimate goal.




Complex + Challenging Construction

With a passion for construction, CK Commercial thrives on complex and challenging projects that require delivering a project for a client on a compressed schedule. Our team likes to roll up our sleeves and proactively come up with solutions to potential challenges. The CK Commercial team has the experience and track record to assist clients in meeting their stringent project schedules without compromising quality while further advancing each client’s mission.



CK Commercial is detail-oriented and committed to providing each client with a project completed with the highest level of quality. Clients benefit from top-level executive participation and personal commitment. CK Commercial implements a thorough Quality Control program, based on the industry-leading USACE Quality Control program, at the start of each project. CK Commercial’s requires all of its Team Members to be Construction Quality Management (CQM) certified. By actively implementing quality control at the start of every day, each project is safer, cleaner, more efficient, and exceeds the expectations for all parties involved.



CK Commercial is passionate and committed to creating an injury free Safety culture. We implement a comprehensive training program that includes pre-task planning prior to the start of each project to ensure good safety practices are communicated and enforced for each activity. Each member of the CK Commercial team takes personal accountability in the safety of every project and is required to maintain First Aid / CPR and OSHA 30 certifications.


Secured Space

CK Commercial has the knowledge and experience to meet client’s Secured Space construction needs. CK Commercial’s team is well versed in meeting current government standards and directives. CK Commercial has a reputation of gaining accreditation on each secured project on the first time, every time. These projects range from secured, occupied campuses, laboratories, data centers and other facility types that assist in advancing our nation’s national security.

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